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by Lee Hansen

Sun prints on paper are easy crafts to create with children. You can make sun prints indoors or outside, as long as the sun is shining brightly. Sun prints are easy enough for a preschool child, but interesting enough for kids and adults, too.

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Easy Sun Print Crafts for Kids

With only a few sheets of dark and bright colored paper or special sun print paper, simple flat objects for making silhouettes, and a bright sunny day you can "print" interesting patterns on construction paper.

Use your sun printed papers to make folded greeting cards or to cut out and use for other crafts.

Try this easy paper craft today, and see what types of interesting patterns you can print from common objects around your home and garden!

Sun Print Craft Materials

  • Colored Construction Paper or sun print paper
  • Flat objects or cutouts for making prints - leaves, twigs, stones, seed pods, shells
  • Tape, Scissors, Glue
  • Cardboard Scraps

Sun Print Craft Directions

Gather several objects with simple solid shapes, the flatter the better - try different types of leaves, rocks, bottle caps, plastic lids, popsicle sticks, household tools or kitchen utensils.

Alternatively, you can cut shapes from card stock or cereal boxes to use as stencils.

For example, you can use coloring book shapes or cookie cutters for sun print patterns.

Arrange your objects or stencils on top of the colored construction paper, fasten in place with a small piece of tape on the back if needed, or a rock placed on top and leave the whole thing in the sun for an hour or so. Do not move or lift the objects while they are "printing."

The sun does all the work - it will fade the areas not covered up and the the paper will look as if it's printed with darker ink in the shape of your design after you remove the objects.

For older kids you can try making sunprints using special photo-sensitive papers. The process is the same except to see the print you rinse the paper with plain water after exposure to the sun.

Sun Print Project Ideas

  • Create a greeting card by folding the printed sheet in half and gluing a piece of white or light-colored paper inside to write on and decorate. Add glitter or other trims if desired.
  • Cut out the shapes leaving a border around the edges and glue them to another sheet of paper.

Tips for Best Results with Sun Print Crafts

  • Use deep-toned construction paper for best results.
  • Attach construction paper to a flat surface with tacks or tape to keep the edges from moving if you do this craft outdoors.

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