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You don't need to spend a fortune on kids craft supplies. You can recycle plenty of stuff from around the house, gather natural materials in your neighborhood, and make many basic art and craft supplies yourself.

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Inexpensive Crafts for Kids

Recycling materials are perfect for kids crafts. Magazines can be cut up and used for projects such as collage, posters, paper beads and art.

Old greeting cards offer many different arts and crafts options; the cut-outs used to make new cards, gift tags and decorations plus gift boxes, ornaments and toys. Newspapers can be turned into papier mâché, pirate hats, folded paper crafts and funny paper hats.

Check out your sewing stash for buttons, pieces of fabric and trims or scrap materials. Clothes pins, popsicle sticks, pasta, yarn and recycled boxes can become craft supplies.

Make your own playdough and finger paints and face paint. To make modeling dough combine 1 cup water, 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 2 teaspoons cooking oil and 2 teaspoons cream of tartar in a pan. Add a little food coloring and cook gently for a few minutes until the mixture forms a ball. Store in a plastic container.

Black cat paper plate mask printablePaper plates make great masks. Cut out holes for the eyes and attach a piece of elastic once the plates are painted or drawn on. Halve the plates to make carnival eye masks and attach a popsicle stick as a handle.

A great place to find free craft materials is right in your yard or at the park. Natural materials are ideal for kid crafts.

Collect seed pods, twigs, leaves, bark, acorns and bits of grass. Use for making nature collages, rubbings, covered boxes and cans, or woven creations. Glue twigs together to create free form nature sculptures.

Pick and press or dry flowers, leaves and grasses in between the pages of a big book like an old telephone book or layer in paper towels and place between sheets of waxed paper in a big book.

Wait a few days then remove your flat and dry creations. Glue onto card stock or press between sheets of laminating paper.

Collect shell fragments and stones at the beach and paint them. Make an interesting texture on paper by spreading glue over and sprinkling on sand. Lay out designs with pieces of broken crayons layers of wax paper and then melt them in the sun.

Place objects on pieces of dark colored construction paper then weight them down so they can't blow away. Let the sun fade the papers for a few hours or a day, then remove the objects to see your sun prints.

Visit thrift stores and charity shops to find all sorts of items that you can decorate or rolls of wallpaper, window shades and other items you can cut up to use for crafts.

Dollar stores and bargain bins are a great place to find crafts resources. Be sure they're safe for kids to use, but consider household items like wooden spoons, cardboard containers and other items not classified as craft materials.

Remember to be safety conscious with any materials you collect, recycle or buy at tag sales and thrift stores, then have fun with your inexpensive art materials.

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