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Pastiche Family Portal HomeKids Christmas Craft Projects

By Lee Hansen

Recycling crafts teach kids the basics of living green and saving money.

These easy kids Christmas craft projects are fun to make and inexpensive, too. Kids can craft wonderful hand made gifts for family, teacher and friends.

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Gingerbread Man Keepsake Ornament
Gingerbread Man Keepsake Ornament

Let It Snow Penguin Ornament
Let It Snow Penguin Ornament

Christmas Peace Mandala Ornament
Christmas Peace Mandala Ornament by imagefactory

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Kids Love Crafts and Christmas!

Pastiche Family Portal HomeFun Craft Projects For Kids - Recycle and Save Money

There are many ways to recycle old greeting cards - these projects stretch your budget and help the environment while you spend family craft time together and create homespun gifts.

Easy Low Cost Christmas Crafts

Pastiche Family Portal HomeHoliday Crafts From Old Greeting Cards

Gift Tags: Cut used cards into unique shapes, punch a hole and thread a short length of embroidery floss through the hole to make gift tags. If you are more adventurous and comfortable with a craft knife, you can make your own mini gift boxes.

Gift Jewelry: Cut individual motifs from cards into small rectangles, circles or squares (about 2-3 inches maximum in size). Glue the shapes onto bristol board, trim the edges, add a pin back and you have a lovely seasonal brooch.

Magnets and Fridgies: Cut out small motifs or scenes and glue these shapes onto magnetic material to create unique art quality magnets for gift giving or craft sales!

Artwork: Cut out shapes and assemble them on foam core artboard to create wonderful collages and personalized posters.

Garland Banners: Trace around holiday cookie cutters onto the most colorful part of last year's holiday cards. Cut out the shapes and string on a brightly colored ribbon. Use your recycled cards holiday garland to adorn the mantel, a doorway or a hallway wall or bulletin board.

Pastiche Family Portal HomeRolled Paper Beads

Cut thin strips of paper in narrow triangles 1/2-inch wide by 2 1/2-inches long. Apply craft glue to wrong (back) side of paper strip and wind around a drinking straw or wooden skewer.

Allow glue to set, then remove bead from straw or skewer.

Dry thoroughly, then string together to make ornaments, jewelry, beaded curtains or any other bead-craft project you like.

Pastiche Family Portal HomePadded Hangers Craft Project

Make softly padded hangers for hanging your clothes in the closet from old wire hangers or plastic hangers. Wrap each hanger with strips cut from plastic shopping bags, tape the ends securely, then wrap again using decorative ribbon or fabric scraps to cover the plastic bags.

Pastiche Family Journal HomeNew Life for Old Plastic Lids

Make finger puppets, sun catchers, mobiles and more with discarded plastic lids from household products. click for plastic lid crafts

Pastiche Family Journal HomeCrayon Scrap Candles

Melt down nibs and bits of old crayons with new wax to make lovely new candles for gifts or home use. click here for easy instructions

Pastiche Family Journal HomeCinnamon Ornaments

Mix, roll, cut out and dry a batch of non-edible cinnamon faux gingerbread ornaments to give as gifts or decorate your tree and garlands. These spicey decorations are simple to make and the kids will enjoy rolling and cutting the shapes from cookie cutters. NOTE: dough and finished ornaments are not for eating!

Crafts Made with Natural Materials

Pastiche Family Journal HomePoetry Stones

Decorate smooth stones with painted, lettered or glued on words and art to use as garden decor, paper weights, artwork or game parts. You can also use shells from the shore for this project. Protect with a coat of clear weatherproof sealant to make the stones water proof.

Pastiche Family Journal HomePine Cone Crafts

Make gifts and decorations from these bristly natural seed pods - explore pine cone craft ideas.

About the Author

Lee Hansen writes about crafts for several online sites and blogs. She is the publisher and web content designer for Pastiche Family Portal, an award-winning family crafts and lifestyle web magazine for families of all stages, and owns two free clip art web sites, Clip Art and Crafts and Lee Hansen Graphics.

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