DIY Arts & Crafts Supplies for Kids

I am committed to raising toxin free children, and to saving money. The chemicals in many plastics and toys concern me and my daughter. She avoids colors, dyes and pthalates along with other noxious ingredients whether or not they're approved by the FDA, in everything she buys for her family, from food to beauty products to home school supplies.

One of the ways to keep kids safe and let them explore art's beautiful messiness is by making clean, safe mixtures for painting, crafting, and dress up/cosplay.

Home Made Art Mixes - Safe for Children

I've collected plenty of tried and true home made recipes for arts and crafts paints and play modeling dough you can make at home that are safe, made with kitchen ingredients. A few of these mixes are more than 50 years old - I made them for my own children.

Nontoxic home made art recipes for kids,

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Kid-Safe Nontoxic Arts & Crafts Mix Recipes

Here are my favorite recipes for crafty arts mixtures that have been delighting the children in our family for more than 50 years: home made safe play dough,  basic face paints, fun and colorful finger paints,  simple soap bubbles and a nontoxic, safe and fun home made glue.

Blick Studio Markers

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home made paint mixtures for kids
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