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Natural materials in arrangements are always great choices for home decorating. It's easy to make a dried flower wreath using lovely hydrangea (snowball bush) flowers.

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Home Dried Hydrangea Flowers or Store Bought

You can cut your own flower heads and dry them at home , or purchase ready to use professionally dried hydrangeas at your local craft store or floral supplier.

The trickiest part of drying hydrangea flowers is to know when to pick the flowers. The best time to pick hydrangeas for drying is just before your first fall frost. If you pick them too early in mid-summer, they won't dry properly.

To dry hydrangeas, cut flowers in late afternoon when there's no moisture on the plants. Hang by the stems in a cool, dry, dark place or stand the stalks in a dry vase.

After they're completely dried, pick off any brown blooms. Drying may take a few weeks, depending on weather conditions and temperature.

How to make a dried flower hydrangea wreath

I like to use a grapevine wreath base for my dried herb and flower wreaths. Loop a length or two of floral wire in the back at the top to create a hanger.

Tuck dried hydrangea floral stems into the loops of vine to hold them to the wreath, starting at the top and then alternating to the bottom, then to the right, and then the left.

On the next round start to one side of the first blooms and begin to fill in around the wreath. Try to keep the flowers balanced in size and color as you add more.

Continue tucking in flowers to the vine mesh until the entire vine wreath is covered with dried hydrangea flowers.

Alternatively, you can just decorate about a fourth of the wreath and leave the rest of the vine showing.

Sometimes I only add dried flowers to the top or bottom, and I add a few dried roses or a ribbon to the wreath.

If you like baby's breath you can add that here and there to provide a bit of size contrast.

Your wreath will look lovely for about a year. When it starts to fade, you can remove the faded flowers and save the vine base to create a new dried flower wreath from next year's garden.

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