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It's easy and fun for kids to make a beautiful paper flower Hawaiian luau lei, the necklace that's a traditional symbol of Hawaiian hospitality.

A real lei necklace is made from living tropical flowers, but you can make one any time with this lei necklace paper craft.

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Hula girl wearing Hawaiian luau flower lei

Have kids color flower blossoms and leaves with crayon or markers, or to save time, print sheets of full color blossoms, cut out and string according to directions.

Printable craft: hawaiian lei flower blossoms printable coloring sheet-hawaiian flowers for lei craft

Full Color Lei Flowers

Ready to Color Lei Flowers

Paper Lei Materials

  • Flower Blossoms, colored in with markers/crayons, or preprinted full color
    (see below for free printables)
  • Scissors
  • Paper Punch
  • Tape or Glue Stick
  • Yarn needle - blunt end, large eye
  • Yarn
  • Narrow Ribbons

Paper Lei Instructions

Print several full color or ready-to-color flower sheets on sturdy paper or light card stock. (You will need about 12 assembled flowers for each lei - use more or less if you wish.)

Luau Party Games

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How to Assemble Your Hawaiian Lei Flower Necklace

1. For each flower, cut blossoms and leaves from printed sheets sheets to make about 1 dozen total flowers (24 individual blossoms) and as many extra leave pairs as you desire. Cut two blossoms for each flower (you will be putting them back to back to make each flower or leaf set).

2. Divide the flowers into matching pairs and place them back to back to make flower "sandwiches". Punch a hole through the middle of each flower "sandwich" with a hole punch.

3. Thread a blunt yarn needle with a strand of yarn long enough to create a loop that fits loosely over your child's head and down to mid-chest.

4. String each flower sandwich onto the yarn, spacing evenly; add extra leaves if desired, spaced between flower sandwiches along the length of yarn.

5. Tie a few ribbon bows onto the yarn in spaces between flowers for extra decoration.

6. Fasten ends of yarn together or attach each end to child's clothing straps or shoulders with tape, and get ready to hula at your Hawaiian luau!


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