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How to make fun crafty table top ghosts to decorate your home or classroom. Fun kids craft made with cheesecloth and white craft glue.

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Easy to Make Kids Halloween Craft !

Table Top Ghost Materials

  • Cheesecloth, cut into 12-inch squares
  • 2 cups white glue, diluted with 1/2-cup water.
  • 16-oz plastic cups
  • Waxed paper
  • Cookie sheet

Ghost Craft Instructions

  1. Line the cookie sheet with waxed paper.
  2. Dip a square of cheesecloth into the diluted glue; wring out excess moisture.
  3. Drape the glue-soaked cheesecloth loosely over a plastic cup on the lined cookie sheet; allow to dry for two days until stiff and not sticky.
  4. When ghosts are completely dry, carefully remove each one from its plastic cup form.
  5. Decorate the ghost faces with a fine marker, or add glitter for sparkle.

Use your ghosts as table decorations, wreath ornaments, or hang from the window or ceiling with fishing line or string.

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