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Cardboard panel costume PAC MAN and GHOSTKids Arts and Craft Project One Day, Halloween or Dress Up Costume the Next!

"Sandwich" panel costumes made from cardboard are simple to make and easy to wear.

You make 2 panels from a clean box panel - a front and a back - then attach at the top to make shoulder straps. Add another set of strap ties at the waistline to hold together, and you're good to go.

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I made many of these crafty sandwich board costumes for myself as a child, and later for my two daughters. Cardboard box and panel Halloween costumes are fun, easy and creative to craft with kids for make-believe play time adventures and cosplay.

Sandwich Panel Costume Materials

  • Large, clean corrugated boxes
  • Permanent Broad Tip Marker, black
  • Poster Paints or Acrylic Paints
  • Sturdy Twine, 1-inch Ribbon, or Braided Cord

Basic Cardboard Costume Instructions

Cut panels for front and back of your cardboard costumes from the boxes. You can cut shapes or just create rectangles to fit your child's height. It's best to cut the panels or shapes just above your child's knees and only slightly wider than their body width.

Draw designs on each panel with black marker, then have kids paint the designs.

Cut shoulder straps from the twine or cord. Punch holes at the tops of front and back panels where child's shoulders are and string the cord through the holes.

One year my daughter was a rainbow with a cloud, so she wore a home made sun face mask and a blue jacket and pants.

Another year she was a pumpkin/jack o'lantern. She wore a green hat with pointed top, orange sweatshirt and black sweatpants underneath her sandwich board pumpkin costume.

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