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Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC, coaches fathers by phone to balance their life and improve their family relationships. He is the author of the “Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Fathers” Ecourse. Find more information at

Parenting Articles by Mark Brandenburg

Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC, coaches fathers by phone to balance their life and improve their family relationships.

Pastiche Family Portal is privileged to feature Mark Brandenburg as a monthly columnist writing about parenting issues and providing practical advice.

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  • My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy, and What to Do About It No matter where you go, parents are talking about the same problems they have with their kids. And the sad truth about these problems is that parents are usually major contributors to them.
  • Oh NO, the Sex Talk
    Talking to your kids about sex isnít the easiest thing in the world. But if weíd like our kids to share our values and beliefs about sex, we need to do our job. Here are some ways to move ahead with this difficult issue.
  • My Kids Should Always Obey Me
    Fathers may have irrational thoughts that help trigger angry outbursts with their children. This article offers ten techiniques fathers can use to limit their anger with their kids.

  • Fathers, Daughters and Eating Disorders
    Just because an unhealthy environment surrounds us doesnít mean itís good for our daughters. The statistics on eating disorders show this beyond the shadow of a doubt. If fathers donít act now in their daughterís behalf, others will act for them.
  • Toddlers, TV, and Attention Problems
    The days of the “harmless” argument for TV and kids needs to be put to rest. Parents need to be educated about the very real possibility of causing future attention problems for their kids.

  • Are Men to Blame for the Divorce Problem in This Country?
    It’s time for couples to grow up and to start looking to meet the needs of your family. It’s time to stop running away when things get difficult, and to start persevering through the pain.

  • Fathers and Holidays
    You can choose to have more joy, openness, and spirit this holiday. After all, most of it is choice! And, your kids are watching you very closely!

  • Simple Living Amidst a Holiday Frenzy As parents in America today, we’re made to feel as though we need to provide the latest gadgets for ourselves, and for our children. And it seems that at the rate we’re going, these gadgets will cost us most of our money, and most of our time.

  • My Kids Are Driving Me Crazy
    While it’s easy to point fingers at your kids, remember the old saying: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

  • Kids, Rudeness and Teaching Moments
    Parents live in challenging times, but world peace still begins at home. Your teaching moments are waiting, along with your children.

  • Spare the Child, Ditch the Rod
    We live in a world that's filled with violence; shouldn't we provide a place for our kids where there isn't any?

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