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Easy, Chic, Cheap DIY Wedding Favors

by Caprice Pettit

If you haven't already decided on when you'd like to get married, consider first the different months and seasons of the year. Each month has its own qualities that can give your wedding a special tone.


The late winter months of January and February are advantageous because many sites and services are readily available. This would be an optimal time to set a wedding at a quiet ski village or even a warmer vacation spot that isn't so crowded during the winter months. The time of New Year's resolutions is also the perfect time for marriage vows and new commitment. If you're thinking February, don't forget the most romantic wedding date of them all: Valentine's Day!


Everyone knows that when spring comes, love is in the air. Weddings in March, April, or May all show that. In March, the weather bounces between winter and spring, resulting in unpredictable rains and wind depending on your region.

April is a little less unpredictable, being a very romantic month while ushering in the year's prettiest flowers. May is very similar to April but with better weather.

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The most popular month to get married is June. In ancient Rome, the month of June was named Juno, goddess of women and marriage.

Those who were married in her month she vowed to protect. Another advantage of June is that in many areas it is the first month of predictably nice weather. It is also the month of roses, the most romantic flower.

June is a perfect time for honeymoons for college-age newlyweds since most schools end in June. One disadvantage of June weddings is that many services such as wedding and reception locations, musicians, florists, caterers, and clergy get booked quite early because of the volume of June weddings.

Keep that in mind as you plan early. June weddings often require extra planning because of this, although it is worth it to get that beautiful wedding you have always dreamed of.

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Although the humidity in July might be a problem in some areas, weddings in this month can be just as wonderful as June weddings. July brings long nights and beautiful outdoor weddings that will almost always have good weather.

In July and August, it is easier for friends and family to get time off to travel to your wedding while children are out of school. Just remember to send out invitations earlier than usual for these months as many families plan their own vacations during this time.


September and October bring cooler weather, yet it is still mild in many regions. Also, many parts of the country boast these months as their most beautiful time of the year. The colors are bright and warm, and couples can use the autumn foliage or a harvest motif as part of their reception atmosphere.

Travel plans are also easier to make and honeymoon destinations are less crowded this time of year than in the summer months as family vacations end and school starts.


As planning and services go, November is the easiest time to book wedding locations, musicians, caterers, and florists because so few couples marry during this month. Those who run these services will be happy to spend more time with you than in other busier months, helping you create a magnificent wedding and reception.


December is a favorite wedding month for obvious reasons. The beautiful white snow, the smells of cinnamon and pine, and of course, mistletoe are all romantic accents to a cozy winter wedding.

If you're thinking of having your reception in a hotel or restaurant, many are already decorated for the season, which can save you money if you like the look of it. It is also easier to get friends and family together during this time since many will already be gathering together for the holidays.

One last plus, according to Irish folktales, December 31 is an especially lucky wedding day

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