How to Make a Pull String Pinata

The pull string pinata is a particularly good game idea for young children's birthday parties or indoor celebrations. It is a fun yet safe party game for the smallest kids who might get hurt trying to break open the pinata with a buster bat or stick. Find below instructions on how to convert a normal pinata into a safer for kids pull string version: 

1) First of all, the pinata must have a flat bottom. Cut a 3"x3"x3" flap on the bottom of pinata as close to center as possible. Perforate a small hole near the extreme of flap where it opens. 

2) Pass a ribbon through flap and tie a knot from the side that will remain inside the pinata. 

3) Close flap. Do not secure flap with any tape or adhesive.

4) Using scotch or masking tape attach ribbons around base of pinata. Pull the ribbon that is hanging out of trap and bring it to same level as other ribbons. 

5) Spread glue over the bottom of the pinata and apply the tissue paper making sure that all ribbons are completely covered. Let dry. Your pull string pinata is ready!