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Baby's first birthday is a special event for family members and friends, not just for the 1 year old celebrating with cake, balloons, ice cream and a single candle.

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first birthday

Selecting a theme for baby's 1st birthday party is the first thing you need to do. It's a big job, unless your little one has a favorite toy or character.

You can choose first birthday themes based on the most popular themes of the season, or you can select from adorable party themes designed for a little boy's first birthday or baby girl's 1st birthday party.

The first birthday theme supplies and kits on this page are only samples - click any link to view dozens of trendy and popular 1st birthday themes, kits and supplies for your little one's first birthday party.

You can find many unique 1st birthday party theme kits for boys and first birthday party supplies for girls.

I Scream for Ice Cream Child's Tee Shirt shirt
I Scream for Ice Cream Child's Tee Shirt by imagefactory

I Want to be Like Daddy T-shirt shirt
I Want to be Like Daddy T-shirt by toddlersplace

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