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Home Made Luau Party Lights - Tiki Torches

If you're planning a Luau party you probably want to include the classic decor items - palm trees, flamingos, tiki torches and grass covered umbrellas. You don't need to spend a fortune on cheap tiki torches - you can make your own and light them with gel fuel instead of liquid torch oil.

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tropical beach clip artMake Your Own Luau Tiki Torches

Here are some directions for making a simple tiki torch party light that won't cost a fortune but is very authentic and burns cirtonella torch gel fuel instead of lamp oil.

Supplies for Home Made Tiki Lights

  • Bamboo Poles, sturdy and at least a 3" Diameter (10 foot length, if available, will make 2 torches; if not, buy how ever many you want keeping in mind you'll need a pole at least 5 ft tall for each torch)
  • #1 Gauge Round Reed
  • ½" or 1" Rawhide Strips
  • Sunjel Gel Fuel
  • Sharp Knife
  • Hand Saw
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You can find most of the supplies at your local garden center and hardware store, or order them online.

Prepare the Bamboo Poles

If you have 10 foot bamboo poles, cut them down to 5 footers. Next, make 12 inch slice cuts evenly spaced down one end of each pole so that you have 6 leaves at the end. You'll use this area to create a woven section to hold your can of gel fuel.

Weave in the Reed

Close to the inner end of your slice cuts, tie a length of round reed from side to side - use the Gel Fuel can to measure how far down to tie the reed. This will serve as a base, a platform for your can of Gel Fuel to sit on . Use the diameter of the can to determine how long to make the reed to leave enough room to slip the can in and out of the top of the torch. Continue weaving tied reed strips from side to side of the pole to form the base.

Tie another length of round reed just above the 4" base tie. The opening will be approximately 8" so that you can easily place your Sunjel Gel Fuel inside your torch. Place the reed once again on the inside of the torch. Again, cross two lengths of round reed through the bamboo sections and around the base reed.

Cut a piece of reed long enough to go all around the outside and tie it into place.

Measure up to the top of the can height and tie another strip of reed around the cut slices. Starting at the base, weave in the rawhide strips with the bamboo slices. Continue up to the top reed.

Stick your torch into the ground being sure its securely settled.

Insert your gel fuel into the woven torch basket and light it. Iif you use Citronella Sunjel in the torch it will help keep bugs away. Your gel torch will not spill and will burn down until the fuel is gone. To extinguish, cover according to gel fuel manufacturers instructions..

Now it's time to have a luau party and invite all your friends. Be sure to include umbrellas, add some tropical decorations and plan to play a few luau party games!

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