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Prom night is one of those very special events in a teenager's life. Parents want to keep teens safe and also allow them to enjoy their prom and post prom festivities.

Some communities hold special parties for kids to attend after the prom, but if yours doesn't or you want to offer an alternative, consider holding a BBQ party or pool party at your home.

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Celebrations : After Prom Party Ideas

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Prom Night Party Planner

Here are some tips to help you manage a big crowd of excited teens at a party that could end up being an all-nighter in your back yard.

1. Enlist older siblings or cousins to watch over the festivities and intervene if any unacceptable behavior crops up or party crashers arrive.

It's not like you should disappear or go out for the evening, but teens will feel more comfortable with a few older young people in charge of the general party atmosphere; you can keep the food and refreshments going while also keeping an eye on things without having to be the authority figure unless absolutely needed.

Ask one of the guests parents or a relative to help out. Have invitations clearly state that only those with an invitation (plus prom date) are invited and they must arrive within a certain time. Once at the party no one will be allowed to leave and return, and a strict policy of no smoking, alcohol use or drugs will be enforced.

It'is probably not a bad idea to let your neighbors know the date and time of the bash to they'll be a bit more tolerant of the noise and won't be worried about the extra traffic or late night antics.

2. Make sure there's is plenty of seating and table space. Teens will probably spend a lot of time at the prom dancing and on their feet, so they may just want to relax for awhile after the formal affair is over.

If you need more outdoor furniture, borrow it from family or friends, or rent it from a party supply house. Consider a tent, too, in case the weather turns out rainy.

3. Have plenty of soft cold and hot beverages on hand. You can use beverage coolers or large tubs with ice to chill canned juices, water and soda.

Don't forget to order plenty of ice along with cups and straws, too.

4. Make sure you have enough tableware and serving utensils along with sturdy paper plates and napkins.

If your guests will be changing clothes at your home you might want to provide separate areas for young ladies and gentlemen to use as changing areas. If not, be sure you have a few extra towels and tee shirts in case anyone needs to change clothing during the night. If the teens will be staying in their formal clothes dress up the tables with table cloths and centerpieces that match the school colors or party theme.

If your group is small enough use real glasses instead of plastic cups and spring for the more expensive paper napkins to add a bit of luxury.

5. Use soft mood lighting around the yard. Use party light strings, solar lights or tiki torches scattered around the garden to create a festive atmosphere.

6. Serve healthy foods that appeal to teens, and offer a variety of meat and non-meat entrees. Serve grilled pizza you whip up yourself from prepared dough and custom ingredients. Offer pita and chips, salsas, green veggies, and mixed salad along with a couple types of dressing and vinegar plus oil.

7. Organize a Fire Pit. Build or buy a fire pit and arrange seating around it for teens to hang out and talk until the wee hours. Keep a watch over the fire and have water and a hose plus fire extinguishers handy.

8. Set up a Photo Area and Guest Book. Create a spot for taking pictures complete with backdrop, photo booth props and seating. Assign one of your helpers as the official photographer and don't forget to take names and addresses so you can send photos to guests after the party.

If you're really ambitious, set up your computer and printer to print out snapshots right away.

Let teens print their smart phone photos during the party to create a living guest book and a memory book on the fly, complete with autographs and photos of all the guests.

You might even want to create a Facebook event page for the party and let guests send live posts from their phones.

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