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Fairies have been little girls fantasy favorites for generations. Fairy stories and fairy tales are eternally popular, so what better theme for a young girl's party than a fairy tea party? Fairies are tiny, beautiful and of course magical.

My favorite fairy as a child was Tinkerbell - I have a china figurine of Tinkerbell fairy sitting on my desk right now. It was a gift from a web site design client who considered my abilities to be nothing short of magical. They called my work on their web site "sprinkling fairy dust."

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Fairies are wonderful - fairies have special powers and who doesn't love those lovely delicate fairy wings? What little girl wouldn't love to dress up in a fairy costume, wear her own special fairy wings and tiara and carry a magic fairy wand?

You can create a fairy tea party for your little girl and make her fantasy come true for a day.

Special decorations, tiny dishes and creative foods all contribute to the fairy land atmosphere.

Decorate with ribbons, tulle and glittery baubles. Serve tiny sandwiches and fruit teas in china cups.

Make magical favors wrapped in sparkly fabric or mesh, tied up daintilly with pastel ribbons.

There are many special fairies in the world of fantasy but you can create a more general fairyland for your fairy tea party. Just don't forget the fairy wings!

Each guest will need her own special set of fairy wings to wear, a sparkly tiara for her hair and, perhaps a magical magic wand, also?

Paper craft party tiara craft sheet

Small baskets of flowers and tiny treasures would make lovely table decorations. Tie on a gift tag to create a party favor and table card all in one.

Use pastel ribbons or tulle strips to create streamers along with some glittery or pastel balloons.

A few meringue mushroom-toadstools and a fairy house centerpiece will help to create a faery special magical world at the table.

Don't forget accessories: delicate jewelry, magic treats, and fairy dust. Little bags with magic jewels (candy) and tiny books or stickers make cute favors.

A popular party game at fairy tea parties is to play pin the wings on the fairy, similar to the old favorite pin the tail on the donkey.

Another fun fairy party game you might like to try would be a fairy version of Bingo, or a magnetic fishing game that uses fairy wands with ribbons to gather flowers from a large bowl.

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