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Wedding anniversary parties can be formal or casual - it depends on the couple and how long they've been married.

Some couples choose to renew vows at milestone anniversaries - 10 years, 15 years, 25 years, 50 years and so on. You can find ideas for wedding vow renewal parties here, along with greeting cards, gifts, planners, and decorations.

Couples who may have had a small wedding might opt for a lavish wedding anniversary celebration party.

Whatever style or size you decide upon, anniversary parties require almost as much planning as wedding receptions.

If you're having another wedding ceremony to celebrate the renewal of your wedding vows after 10, 25, or more years, why not go all out and have a festive reception and a big party!

Send out formal invitations, get a special dress and hairstyle, order flowers, decorations and favors in your style and price range.

Don't forget to make a scrapbook to display at the anniversary party, and to collect keepsakes and photos for a memory book of your wedding anniversary party.

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