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Save money by getting auto service for your vehicle at the right time, and by learning how to check oil and antifreeze and monitor tire pressure and tread wear, and perform basic maintenance on your own vehicle.

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DIY auto repair tips and how toDIY Auto Maintenance Tips

If you're handy with tools and have space to work on your car or truck, you might want to learn how to change your vehicle's engine oil and oil filter, replace your wiper blades and air filters and perform other basic automotive maintenance on your car or truck yourself.

You can save money and know the job was done correctly when you do your own basic auto maintenance.

Auto Tips and Safety Articles

These articles offer basic know-how for maintaining your second most expensive investment after your home, your personal car, truck or SUV.

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Rolling Your Existing Car Loan Into a New Car Purchase

Don't buy a new car if you haven't paid off your old one unless you have equity accumulated.

One common practice at dealerships is to offer to roll the balance of an existing loan into the financing for a new car.

It usually creates a situation where you are taking a loan that is greater than the value of the car you are buying.

While this makes it easy to leave the car lot with a sparkling new car, it's bad practice for consumers and a financial boon for dealers and lenders. Anything that is good for the dealer and lender, is usually bad for your wallet.

20% Down on New Cars

When buying a new or used car from a dealer, make a down payment of at least 20%. That will be a enough to cover taxes and most of the vehicle's first year depreciation.

Dealerships will gladly sell you a car with less down, but that will leave you with an upside down loan for years. An upside down loans means you owe more than the car is worth.

The Benefits of Buying Used Cars

You can save a bundle on your next car purchase by buying a used car. One of the common concerns I hear from people about used cars is that they will require expensive repairs sooner than new cars.

There is no question that repair bills can be outrageously expensive but here's one way to look at it.

If a new car costs you $15,000 (or more) and a five year old version of the same car costs $5,000, the difference in price leaves you a lot of room to make repairs and still come out on top.

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