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Mini picture frame sticker borders are great for making photo stickers and custom labels. Use these border stickers to make a cool border around a picture, or to design labels you can write on

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Clip Art Borders amd Frames

These clip art border frames are greate for framing pictures in scrapbooks (they work well for both cut and paste or digital layout pages).

Print and cut out the sticker frames from the sheets to use with photos, ticket stubs, notes or any small keepsake you want to highlight on your scrapbook page.

Use sticker frames to make labels for spice jars, storage boxes and containers, for scrapbooking, cubbie labels or as gift tags.

Mini Frame Stickers
Set 1

Rainbow colors and blue frame border stickers

PNG Graphic

JPG Graphic

Mini Photo Frame Crafts

Click on an image to open a printable page in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Click on a link to open a printable page in JPG or PNG format.

Digital Scrapbooking Tip

To use the mini picture frames for higher resolution images in digital scrapbook layouts, select PNG graphics links.

Dad Sticker Frames

Free Border Graphics

Mini Frame Stickers
Set 2

Pink frame borders and rainbow frame stickers

PNG Graphic

JPG Graphic

Printable Sticker Craft Ideas

Photo Frames & Gift Tags

Print a set of 4 mini frames on blank sticker paper to make cool stick-on photo frames for wallet size portraits.

Paste a sticker frame over a picture you've created, or border a photo or illustration from a magazine or coloring book, then trim the edges to create a custom bookmark or gift tag.

Decorate your notebook with pictures of your friends in a mini photo frame!

Free borders and divider graphics

Free Papercrafts

Paper Crafts and Clip Art Facebook


Best Free Papercrafts

Paper Crafts

Print out and cut picture frames to use with collages or to make personalized greeting cards, labels and gift tags. You can also use frame stickers to label organizers, jars, boxes and storage containers.



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