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Cool blue snowflakes border paper for writing letters, making Hanukkah menus or crafting scrapbook pages.

Decorated with a soft blue background, white center and snowflakes along top and bottom borders.

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Snowflakes Border Paper - Printable

Just the right paper for winter scrapbooking, letters or Hanukkah flyers - snowflakes border paper with soft blue background and white center.

This printable border paper is formatted in Adobe PDF; the edges will print out to the side of the page if you have a printer that can print in borderless or bleed mode.

You may need to resize the printable sheet or adjust the settings to print on a regular color printer.

snowflakes border paper

Snowflakes Border Printable Paper

For best results, set your printer to user "borderless printing, 8.5 x 11 paper".

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