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Jaunty green shamrocks border paper for writing St. Patrick's Day letters, stories, poetry, menus or framing scrapbook pages.

This letter size stationery sheet is decorated with bright green clover leaves all around the edges.


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Shamrocks Border Letter Paper - Printable

You'll find lots of projects for this St. Patrick's Day border paper decorated with bright green shamrocks.

St. Patricks shamrock border writing paper letter size printable sheet

Printable Shamrock Border Paper

Use this Irish style paper for handwriting or composition practice, scrapbook pages, writing special letters to friends and family or to leave a note for the leprechauns.


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This printable border paper is formatted in Adobe PDF with edges that bleed off the side of the page.

For best results, set your printer to user "borderless printing, 8.5 x 11 paper".

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