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What could bring more luck on St. Patrick's Day than lucky shamrocks and a beautiful rainbow?

This printable St. Patrick's Day rainbow paper craft is easy to make.

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Rainbow Mobile craft sheetShamrocks and Rainbow Paper Craft

Print 2 copies, cut out the pieces, then glue the shamrocks back to back with ribbon streamers in between, reserving 2 shamrocks for the hanging strip.

Glue the Happy St. Patrick's banners and remaining 2 shamrocks back to back on another piece of ribbon.

Lay one rainbow face down and glue on the hanging ribbon to the middle-top, and one of the shamrock ribbon to each side of the rainbow bottoms. Glue the final rainbow on back to back with the first rainbow. (see picture for example of the completed craft).

Full instructions and all pieces except string or ribbon are included on the full color printable sheet - click here to print Lucky Shamrocks Rainbow Mobile Craft Sheet.

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