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Give a special award to your favorite teacher - thank him or her for making learning FUN. Free full color printable teacher awards for World's Best Teacher or SUPER Teacher.

You add the details (teacher name, presenter's name, presentation date).

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Give a special award to your favorite teacher - thank him or her for making learning FUN.

Pink or blue printable teacher awards - you add the details (teacher name, presenter's name, presentation date)

Super Teacher printable Award, blue certificate
Super Teacher (blue)
Super Teacher award certificate, purple
Super Teacher (purple)
Best teacher award, printable teacher certificate
World's Best Teacher (pink)
Teacher certificate, best teacher award
World's Best Teacher (blue)


To print in black, adjust your printer settings or send to a black and white printer.

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Humorous Awards

We've found a nifty collection of printable Funny Award Certificates in PDF format you can customize and print as many times as you like. Buy once, and print forever!

printable teacher awards

Humorous Teacher Awards print pack includes 76 printable certificates with colorful designs to print on any computer, PC or Mac.

Plus you get seven blank award templates for designing your own funny awards for educators.

Type details into the PDF file with your word processing application or write by hand to make the certificate you need.

Print as many as you like on any type of printer paper. Designs are set up to work on standard 8.5" x 11" paper.

Click here for more info and price - printable Teacher Award templates

updated 12-Jan-2021  

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