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Use these USA and Canada Flags and Patriotic Graphics to craft colorful patriotic banners or window graphics for home, office, automobile or classroom.

Project 1: Patriotic Banner Print several graphics, trim around the edges, then tape the top edges to a sturdy string to craft a Patriotic banner.

Project 2: Party Banner Alternate flag images with star prints or maple leaf prints to make a festive party garland for your holiday celebrations. Print on card stock or print 2 and glue backs together. Punch holes in the top and thread along a ribbon or string.

Click on a small image to open a printer-friendly window with a large printable patriotic graphic.

US Flag Printable Window Graphic usa stars and stripes flag decoration - large size printable
US Flag
Large Graphic
USA Star
Large Graphic
Canada Maple Leaf Flag large printable Canada Maple Leaf Symbol large printable
Canada Flag
Large Graphic
Canada Maple Leaf
Large Graphic

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