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Make Dad or step-Dad a handy Spare Change keeper for Father's Day, Christmas or Daddy's birthday. This easy Father's Day kid craft uses a recycled jar or box and a free printable label.

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Dad's always have a pocket filled with coins at the end of the day.

Here's an easy and "green" gift to make for Dad for Father's Day or any special day.


Make your Dad a spare change bank - it's a safe place to put those coins from his pockets until he gets dressed for work or, just in case one of the kids needs some coins for ice cream or lunch money ... or perhaps he can loan a few dollars to the Tooth Fairy.

dads spare change label

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Directions for Dad's Coin Bank

Click the label or the printer friendly page link, then print out the label graphic.

Trim around the edges using scissors, then glue the Dad's Spare Change label to a clean recycled glass jar (paint the jar lid or decorate it with decoupage or stickers).

Baby food jars, jelly jars or small sauce/salsa jars are just the right size for this Father's Day craft project.

If you don't have a jar you can also use a small box from tea bags or a clean coffee container to make a bank for Dad's spare change.

Our Home made glue recipe uses ordinary kitchen ingredients. Use home made glue to stick your Dad's Spare change label to a jar or box

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