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Celebrate Earth Day with printable paper crafts and stickers - please only print what you need, and recycle any printed sheets that you don't use. Help the environment! Print your earth day crafts on recycled paper.

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recycle bumper stickers, earth day printable

Printable RECYCLE Bumper Stickers

Recycle Bumper Sticker or Bookmark

Make a bumper sticker, trash can label or Earth Day bookmark with this free RECYCLE printable paper craft sheet.

Each Adobe PDF sheet prints 2 copies on a single 8.5" x 11" page. Adobe PDF format. Free printable for personal use.


recycle symbol

Earth Day - April 22


Recycle Tips Poster

Keep the recycler's guidelines posted to remind everyone what can be and should be recycled.

Hang a recycling reminder poster near each trash can in your school or home. Laminate your posters for durability and wipe-clean convenience.

Recycle tips poster prints on a single page, 8.8" x 11". Adobe PDF format. Free.

recycle poster, earth day printable

Printable RECYCLE Poster

theta ecology symbol
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