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Cute holiday design Christmas letter paper features seasonal graphics and page borders with blank space in the center of the page. You can use these 8.5" x 11" printable border papers for handwritten or computer-printed letters, recipes, menus, gift wrapping papers, or scrapbook page backgrounds!

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Free clip art and printable crafts -
Clip Art & Paper Crafts

Visit my Clip Art and Crafts web site to find more letter papers, clip art and printable coloring pages for teens, adults and kids.

Christmas Stationery - Printable Writing Papers

Print out sheets of holiday stationery to write your family holiday newsletter or use these printable Christmas border papers for kids to write a wish list or letter for Santa.

Holly and Candle Christmas Letter Paper

Holly garlands, stars and a red holly-trimmed Christmas candle in the corner of the printable sheet.

candle christmas letter paper

Click here to open a new window with a printable full size Holly and Candle Christmas letter paper sheet.

Candy Canes Christmas Letter Paper

Cheery red and green candy cane border with a faint green candy cane and bow in the background.

Candy canes holiday letter stationery printable sheet

Click here to open a new window with a letter size printable Candy Canes Stationery border page.

snowflakes border paper

Snowflakes Border Paper

Santa and reindeer letter paper printable,

Santa and Reindeer Letter Paper Sheets


Use these printable border paper sheets to print from your computer - simply save the graphic and insert it as a background in your word processing program or print out then use the printed sheet in your printer to print your holiday letters, menus, flyers or other Christmas print crafts and documents.

Print several sheets of holiday writing paper ahead of time, then load the printed sheets into your printer and print your letter out on these stationery pages.

Be sure to leave a wide enough top, bottom, left and right margin to avoid printing on the decorative borders when you are setting up your letter in the computer.

You might also like our Christmas clip art borders to use with MS word or your favorite graphics program to design your own letter papers.

christmas divider, candy canes border

Christmas fun box gift set
Christmas Fun Box - $14.95

from: Dover Publications
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