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Bookmarks make wonderful gifts for anyone who reads. Bookmarks help motivate kids to read, and kids can craft bookmarks to give as gifts to friends, family or class mates. Many bookmarks are also great to use as gift tags that become a bookmark after the gift has been opened.

Choose a free printable bookmark from any of our collections, then follow the project idea of your choice below, or design your own bookmark craft project.

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Print and Cut Bookmark Project Ideas

Bookmark Craft 1: Print out bookmarks on card stock, punch a hole near the top edge, and string a ribbon through the hole to create a tassel.

Bookmark Craft 2: Print out 2 bookmarks with the same design on regular paper, cut them out and glue them together back to back. You can punch a hole and add a tassel to your bookmark after the glue dries.

Printable Bookmark Craft Sheets

All our bookmark printable sheets are formatted in Adobe Acrobat for high quality and easy printing.

Choose your favorites from these printable bookmark sheets:

easter bookmarks to print

Bookmark Project 3: Make fabric bookmarks:

Print bookmarks without words or numbers on iron on paper for light or white fabric. Transfer the design to fabric using an iron, then finish the edges with decorative scissors or a narrow hem, OR attach your finished design to fusible interfacing fabric or card stock, then trim to desired shape.

NOTE: You'll need to "flip" images if you want to make iron on transfer crafts from printables that have words or numbers. Do this with a graphics program or use the "tee shirt" setting on your printer before you print so the words and numbers will read correctly when you iron on your transfer design.

Bookmark Project 4: Print bookmarks directly onto special printable fabric, then finish edges or fuse to non-woven fabric to add stiffness if desired. Add trims or ribbons for decoration.

Project Tip: Laminate printed and trimmed paper bookmarks between sheets of clear contact paper or laminating film for extra durability - they'll wipe clean and last longer!


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