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Gift Ideas Under $30

You don't need to spend a lot of money for a gift for any occasion. What you really need to spend is time: time to think creatively, time to shop for special items, or time to make something unique.

If you're trying to find unique gifts ideas for special occasions, birthdays or the holidays, here are 50 ideas for gifts under $20.

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May The Forest Be WIth You Tote Bag
May The Forest Be WIth You Tote Bag by eventfulcards
Create custom made bags.

King of the Grill Aprons
King of the Grill Aprons by imagefactory
Make unique personalised BBQ chef aprons at Zazzle

Gifts to make or buy for $30 or less

Gift Crafts

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  1. Personalized mug filled 1/4 pound of specialty coffee or candies
  2. A pound of nuts, dried fruit, candy
  3. Framed artwork, child's or original art
  4. Journal or small photo album
  5. Fancy or hand decorated picture frames
  6. Teacup, infuser, tea pot with home made tea bags
  7. Homemade cocoa mix in a crafty jar
  8. Photo Collage in a nice frame
  9. Hand made note cards or stationary
  10. Home made jam or jelly
  11. Home made mustard or pesto
  12. Home baked bread or rolls
  13. Basket filled with a meal: spaghetti, sauce, cheese, bread and red checked napkin
  14. Art or craft supplies
  15. Decorative napkins and place mats
  16. Home made picnic blanket, car blanket, lap throw
  17. Fancy chocolate bars with personalized wrappers
  18. Garden planter or flower pot with a plant, bulb or seeds
  19. Homemade cookie mix with recipe, and a few samples made with the mix
  20. Magazine subscription and sample magazine
  21. Locally made goodies: in Vermont we like to give maple sugar or maple syrup, or cheese or condiments
  22. Pancake or waffle mix and a bottle of real maple syrup (see above)
  23. or concert or theatre tickets
  24. Books, new or gently used
  25. Decoratively painted dried gourds
  26. Half bushel basket of apples
  27. Gourmet vinegars or oils
  28. Home made pet cookies
  29. Home made catnip toys
  30. Prepaid phone cards or gift cards
  31. Home made bath salts and scrubbies
  32. Embroidered napkins or tea towels
  33. Hand etched spice bottles or bottles with hand made labels
  34. Cookbook of family recipes in custom binder
  35. Glass jar filled with treats - candy, cookies
  36. One special item to add to a collection or hobby
  37. Ornaments, handmade or heirloom
  38. Gift certificates for a personal favor
  39. Flashlight for key ring or headband
  40. Money, folded into origami shape
  41. Fabric shopping bag tote
  42. Fancy or fun BBQ style apron
  43. Home made hair bands or clips
  44. Desk organizing supplies
  45. Car trunk organizer
  46. Hand knit (or crochet) anything
  47. Quick sew polar fleece cap
  48. No sew polar fleece scarf or blanket
  49. Hand made doll (knit, crochet, sew)
  50. Recycled fabrics quilt or pillow
  51. Decoupage box or jar

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