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The last of your brood has moved on to college or that first job. The house feels empty, almost too quiet. Wasn't it not so long ago you were dreaming of this day, this return to peace and quiet, this blessed solitude with no demands on your day to day schedule?

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It happens to us all, when the last child moves out. We think we're prepared, in fact we dream of the day when it will happen. Then we suddenly realize that our lives were centered around the family and the kids and what was happening, and now that's all done.

Don't despair - the day you longed for has arrived, and it's time to take all those "someday" items from your bucket list (you did make one, didn't you? ) and put them on your "to do now" list.

This is the time of life when you get to relive what it was like when YOU first left home, only you're in the home and you have the benefit of life experience. Nothing can phase you - you've done all the hard stuff. Now it's time for fun, and best of all, this is guilt-free me time that will make you blossom.

If you're having a little time getting started, or feeling a little lost, try these 10 tips to get some ideas on how to move ahead with your new independent life. And don't worry. The kids aren't gone forever; they'll be back to visit sooner than you expect. Maybe next week, when they need to do some laundry.

10 Ideas for Curing Empty Nest Blues

1 Travel

2 Go back to school and finish a degree, start a new one, or just take a class that gets those brain cells working

3 Take an art class, cooking class, gardening class or any type of creative pursuit that interests you.

4 Volunteer

5 Read all those great books

6 Pick up an old hobby - or find a new one

7 Get active with sports or fitness training or yoga or ballroom dancing - anything that gets you out and about and moving

8 Rekindle your romantic life

9 Explore online communities and opportunities

10 Write a story, article, book or essay

Now this list is just to get you started.

Make yourself a new bucket list and start keeping track of the things that interest you, then tackle one each week or so. Soon you'll find you have more than enough to keep you busy and those blues will be gone forever.

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