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Here are 10 money and time saving tips to help you in your kitchen.

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10 Tips for Kitchen Cleaning

1. Use those leftover slivers of soap to cut expenses! Cut a small pocket in a sponge and place small slivers of leftover soap into it for a sudsy washing sponge.

2. Hold a scouring pad underneath a sponge when scrubbing. This will give you a better grip and protect your hands.

3. Save time on the dinner dishes. Before serving dinner, run a sink full of very hot soapy water. When everyone is finished eating dinner, tell them to wash and rinse their own plate.

4. Use a paint scraper or putty knife to remove baked on or cemented goo from stovetops, countertops or floors.

5. Use a toothbrush to scrub hard to reach surfaces such as behind and on faucets.

6. Baking soda makes an excellent scouring powder.

7. By keeping a spoon rest on the stove, you'll avoid a lot of messy clean-ups.

8. Place sticky (honey, syrup, molasses and oil) containers on plastic lids in the cupboard or fridge to avoid sticky messes.

9. To get odors out of plastic containers, place crumpled newspaper inside the container and seal it overnight.

10. Keep a fillable wand near the kitchen sink and when you have a few spare minutes, wash a few dishes with the wand. This may help you cut down on doing full loads of dishes.

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