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Schools are in great need of volunteers. If you're looking for a way to give something to your community by way of service, consider becoming a school volunteer.

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Help Your Community - Volunteer at School

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Funding from state and federal education programs has been cut and school budgets have been slashed for years.

School districts are understaffeed and the money for supplies and extra help has all but disappeared.

How can a parent, grandparent or community member help? Be a school volunteer!

The one budget area schools haven't cut is the opportunity for volunteers. Free labor is a nobrainer.

School volunteers are more important than ever, and can offer free assistance to the educational system in a variety of areas: classroom, library, cafeteria, playground, administrative tasks, class materials preparation and grounds are just a few areas in our schools that are usually short handed and welcome a volunteer for one or more days a week.

PTA or PTO organizations are the most visible school support team members. These groups help their local schools tremendously with parent-organized fundraising, social activities and volunteer team coordination.

At a classroom level, a room parent is a special type of parent volunteer who manages class parties and other volunteer activities for the teacher.

Usually this person is the mom or dad of one of the students in the classroom. Other volunteers work with the room parent to manage tasks and schedules that coordinate with the teachers study plans.

Other ways you can be a school volunteer are to make educational or cultural presentations to a classroom, an entire grade level, or to a schoolwide audience. Artists or others with interesting professions can visit the schools to share their work and introduce students to a variety of artistic and scientific opportunities - enrichment programs that don't cost the school a penny but add so much to the curriculum.

Volunteers can participate at music festivals, art shows, science fairs, math competitions, spelling bees, music events, and the vast number of competitive events related to the school that require manpower and money to stay afloat in the school.

You can also participate in a less visible role, for example by being part of a telephone team, by helping manage and maintain a web site, by mentoring a school garden, helping with the newspaper or year book, working with a club or organizing donations from local businesses.

School Volunteer Christmas Ornament
School Volunteer Ornament by cindisart

When your school sponsors a major event like an award ceremony, back to school night, teacher conference day, music festival or carnival there's always a need for parent volunteers to help out with many tasks before, during and after the event.

Even if you volunteer for cleanup duty, you're saving the school system money and helping out the janitorial staff.

From planning to packaging, making arrangements for printing or copying, making costumes or special attire and decorations, to chaperoning, coaching, selling tickets or other fundraising goods and services a volunteer's assistance and participate saves hours of work and generates hundreds of dollars in direct savings or sales.

Children who need extra help in the classroom or after school benefit so much from volunteer tutors. An hour or so spent a few times a week with a student may make a huge difference in that child's future educational success.

Whether we have children in the public education system or not, we all pay taxes and live in the same town as the kids our schools educate.

We want our schools to be successful and to produce well-educated and well-rounded kids who go on to become successful productive adults.

Volunteers can help make that happen, and that's good for the entire community.

Lee Hansen

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