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When planning for holiday celebrations or birthdays for very young children, the best thing to remember is KISS - Keep it short and simple.

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Day Care and Preschool Holiday Parties

Most children younger than 4 years old have little understanding about holidays or special occasions.

They don't know about customs or traditions - they're still too little to have experiences to draw from - so they don't have many expectations.

Here are a few basic tips to help you make the most out of celebrating special occasions with your preschooler at their day care or in play groups.

  1. Plan and maintain a flexible agenda.
  2. Start preparing only a day or two before the special event or holiday, and involve children in the preparations.
  3. Keep activities simple and short, with a child-centered focus and pace.

Familiar situations, routines and people help prevent distress and lessen the likelihood of upsetting children.

For many small children a change in routine or a new or unusual situation can be highly stressful. If there are more people around and / or unknown people - even if they're in a familiar setting - it can be distressful or even frightening to a preschooler.

Try to keep changes and variables to a minimum so the child can focus on the event and activity and enjoy the day.

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