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Here are 6 easy and fun budget-friendly home made Hanukkah crafts you can do to make your family holiday special.

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chanukah coloring printables

Hanukkah Coloring Pages

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Hanukkah moose with candles


Hanukkah Gift Wrap
Purchase a roll of craft paper, a pad of artist newsprint, or freezer paper and stamp or paint Hanukkah symbols in blue and white onto the paper.

You can also trace symbols onto the paper, then paint with glitter glue or use regular glue and sprinkle on blue, white and silver glitter.

Home Made Menorah Candles
Purchase beeswax sheets and nontoxic candle wicking at your local craft store or farmers market

To make menorah candles, place a sheet of wax flat on your work surface.

Lay a length of wick onto the edge of thesheet, then roll up the beeswax sheet tightly around the wick.

Press the edge of the wax sheet gently against the edge of the roll to seal it.

Star of David Decorations
Form two triangles from craft sticks: for each triangle, use 3 craft sticks and glue them together. Glue the two triangles together to create the Star of David.

Paint stick stars white, then sprinkle with blue glitter. You can also paint then allow to dry and draw lines of glue, then sprinkle on blue and silver glitter.

Attach a blue, white or silver ribbon and hang in windows, use with gift tags or attach to table cards.

Decorate Ornaments
Buy plain blue ball ornaments - plastic, glass or covered foam.

Draw Hanukkah symbols carefully on the surface of the ornaments using glitter glue or paint pens in white and silver.

Attach a piece of white, silver or blue ribbon hang your decorations in windows or pile them into a glass bowl to create a unique centerpiece.

Gift Tags and Table Cards
Cut round and square shapes from card stock and glue on Hanukkah clip art cutouts.

To use as table cards, attach two shapes together at the top with glue, then make a small fold just below the glue area to create a stand up card. Attach a silver or white cord to single cards to use as a gift tag.

Table Swag or Doorway Garland
Cut out 6" squares of blue or white card stock. Punch holes in the top corners.

Glue on star of David shapes from card stock or Hanukkah clip art images to front and back, then string all the cards together on silver or white craft ribbon or decorative cord.

Hanukkah Borders

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